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Children's dental health is paramount, especially during the critical stages of tooth development. At LuxDen Kids, our dedicated team of experienced and board-certified pediatric dentists understands the importance of addressing issues early to ensure your child's oral health and prevent future complications.

Importance of Space Maintainers

Losing a baby tooth prematurely due to dental decay or injury can lead to significant oral health complications and may require expensive orthodontic treatments if not addressed promptly. A space maintainer is a specialized dental appliance, either fixed or removable, crafted from metal or plastic. Its purpose is to fill the gap left by a lost baby tooth, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge.

Key Functions of Space Maintainers


1.Retain other teeth in their proper positions.

2.Ensure proper oral development.

3.Prevent potential complications and costly orthodontic treatments.

LuxDen Kids - Your Partner in Pediatric Orthodontics

At LuxDen Kids, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic solutions to safeguard your child's dental health and achieve a healthy, straight, and stunning smile. Our skilled pediatric dentists specialize in preventing issues related to premature baby tooth loss, ensuring that your child's adult teeth erupt correctly.

When Might Your Child Need a Space Maintainer?


A pediatric dentist may recommend a space maintainer if your child has lost a baby tooth prematurely due to:

  • Extensive decay leading to extraction.
  • Gum or tooth infection.
  • Dental trauma or injury.
  • Orthodontic considerations.

Our board-certified and licensed dentists are experts in promoting healthy and aesthetic smiles. Through the latest technological advancements and advanced dental education, we deliver the highest level of care to prevent extensive orthodontic treatments in the future.

Types of Space Maintainers

There are two main types of space maintainers, and the choice depends on your child's specific needs:

1. Removable Space Maintainer:

Can be taken out for cleaning and eating.

2. Fixed Space Maintainer:

Cemented onto your child's teeth and cannot be rem oved.

Both types effectively keep the space open, allowing your child's permanent teeth to grow in naturally. During your visit, our dentist will discuss and recommend the type that best suits your child's requirements.

What to Expect During the Process

Examination and Diagnosis:

Thorough examination and digital imaging to assess the extent of tooth loss and plan the space maintainer.

Custom-Fitted Device:

Impression taken to create a custom-fitted space maintainer for your child's mouth.

Placement and Monitoring:

The space maintainer is placed and regularly checked to ensure proper function.

Avoidance of Discomfort:

While some initial discomfort may occur, it is temporary and typically subsides within a few days.

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