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Oral surgery is a highly specialized field that focuses on fixing injuries and correcting defects in your child’s face, jaw or mouth. At LuxDen Kids, we provide the best surgical treatments and care for children with diseases, injuries, and congenital disabilities of the face, mouth, and jaw.

Our dental specialists have advanced training in oral surgery procedures. They collaborate with other dental experts to offer innovative and comprehensive care to children to address their unique dental and oral needs in safe and welcoming settings. Catching disease and decay in their early stages and getting them treated right is the key to better oral health.

We deliver the highest standard of dental care, keeping in mind the precise nature of the children we see.

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Anxiety-free, comfortable experience for younger patients

We understand the unique needs of children with special or complex dental healthcare issues. Our oral surgery is performed in a child-friendly environment to ensure a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. From the initial appointment to surgery and recovery, we prioritize the highest level of care and consideration at every stage. Our pediatric oral dentists create customized treatment plans to guarantee an optimal patient experience and a bright, healthy smile for years.

We also offer emergency pediatric dental surgery to minimize your child’s pain and stress of facial trauma as quickly as possible. Our mission is to provide highest quality restorative care to children in need of complex dental treatment.

Best treatment options for your child’s oral health needs

We offer a wide range of services to meet your child’s oral health needs from dental extractions to special needs dentistry and treatment of dental injuries and dental trauma. We have the latest techniques and equipment that help us fulfill our promise of cutting edge dentistry, convenience and patient comfort.

Our Pediatric Dentist pays special attention to your child’s appearance along with their oral health and overall wellness when suggesting a surgery. They accommodate the needs of young patients and do everything to make their surgical experience a positive one.

Safe and compassionate oral surgery care that focuses on your child’s long term oral wellbeing

How do I know if my child needs oral surgery?

Your pediatric dentist may refer your child to an oral Pediatric Dentist if they detect an issue that requires surgery, such as a baby tooth that is not falling out, impacted teeth, malocclusion, or a bad bite, jaw misalignment or other oral condition that needs special care.

How long will it take my child to recover from oral surgery?

Recovery depends on the treatment procedure your child has been through. Children recover from extraction within a day or two while more complex surgeries like jaw surgery or treatment for a dental injury may take longer. Post oral surgery recovery is relatively quick. Your Pediatric Dentist will outline your child’s recovery timeline during the treatment planning process.

How long does an oral surgery last?

Oral surgeries are usually scheduled for one day and are completed in a few hours depending on the procedure. The Dentist will tell you beforehand how long your child’s oral surgery will last.

Will my child be in a lot of pain after oral surgery?

The level of pain your child will experience after oral surgery depends on the procedure they went through. There will be some pain or discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. Your Dentist will prescribe pain medications to help your child recover comfortably.

How do I prepare my child for oral surgery?

We understand the significance of preparing your child for surgery. During the consultation, we explain to your child the benefits of undergoing surgery and exactly what will happen. We encourage them to ask questions and address their concerns regarding the treatment. Children feel more at ease when they understand what’s happening so keeping them informed can help with positive outcomes.

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