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At LuxDen Kids, our primary goal is to preserve your child’s teeth. However, there are instances when extraction becomes necessary. A tooth may need to be extracted due to severe decay, lack of space causing crowding, or extensive damage. We understand the anxiety this can cause and strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your child. In some cases, we may refer patients to an oral surgeon for the extraction.

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Safe, painless and stress-free dental extractions
Trust your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn to prioritize your child’s oral health. Our pediatric surgeons recommend safe, painless, and stress-free procedures for extensively decayed or non-restorable teeth. Using specialized tools and conscious anesthesia, the process is quick, convenient, and virtually pain-free. The dental team discusses the procedure and provides comprehensive aftercare instructions for your child’s continued oral health.
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What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure in which your pediatric dentist removes teeth. It becomes necessary to extract or take out a tooth or several teeth if your child has excessive dental decay, infection or crowding.

How much time does tooth extraction take? Is it painful?

Tooth extractions are quick procedures done under local anesthesia, ensuring your child experiences minimal discomfort. Post-extraction discomfort typically lasts for only a day or two.

How do I prepare my child for a tooth extraction?

Before the extraction process, the pediatric dentist conducts an oral exam and takes x-rays. This is important to assess your child’s tooth and develop a custom treatment plan. You must let the dental team know if your child has any underlying medical condition like congenital heart defect, kidney disease, or diabetes. These issues do not prevent your child from undergoing an extraction but they increase the risk of complications and need to be addressed beforehand.

Are there different types of tooth extractions?

LuxDen Kids offers several types of tooth extractions, including:

  • Simple extractions – They involve removing a tooth that is above the gum line and easy to access. The dentist administers a local anesthetic, gently loosens the tooth and removes it. They prescribe pain medication and provide post-extraction care instructions.
  • Surgical extractions – This process removes a tooth that is impacted or unable to break through the gum line. The surgeon administers a local anesthetic, makes an incision to access the tooth, separates the tooth into pieces and removes it. The incision site is packed with gauze. Pain medication and post-care instructions are provided.

Is tooth extraction dangerous for my child?

The dental extraction procedure is safe for most children and does not involve major complications.

What is recovery like after my child’s tooth is extracted?

Your child will experience mild discomfort, swelling and increased tooth sensitivity. To ensure timely and smooth recovery, the dental team at LuxDen Kids recommends:

  • Eating soft foods for 24 to 48 hour
  • Using desensitizing toothpaste
  • Over the counter pain medication
  • Applying ice to the cheek where extraction took place
  • Not using the extraction site for chewing for at least a week

We aim to make the process as friendly and painless as possible. We guide you through the days and weeks following the extraction and monitor the health of the newly extracted tooth in a series of checkups.

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If you suspect your child may need a tooth extraction, make an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Brooklyn or schedule online for the best dental treatment and care. Count on the kid-friendly dentists at LuxDen Kids to ensure a stress-free extraction procedure for your child!

You can count on the kid-friendly dentists at LuxDen Kids to ensure your child goes through the extraction procedures stress-free!

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