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Pulpotomy: Saving Little Smiles

Discover how pulpotomy, a nerve treatment for baby teeth, can save your child's natural smile at LuxDen Kids.

Restoring Infected Baby Teeth

When cavities attack the outer layer and reach the soft pulp, your child may experience toothaches. Pulpotomy, also known as baby root canal, is a vital procedure at LuxDen Kids. Our skilled dentists ensure a pain-free experience, effectively relieving pain, preserving the tooth, and preventing abscess formation.

Why Pulp Therapy?

Preserving natural teeth is our goal. Pulp therapy is a preventive measure to avoid extensive treatments. It reduces the chances of tooth extraction and provides gentle care to yield the best results.

Understanding Pulpotomy

Procedure: Opening the tooth, removing infected pulp, and treating the remaining pulp to prevent infection.

Signs Your Child Needs Pulp Therapy:

  • Persistent tooth pain or soreness
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Unexpected looseness of the tooth
  • Swelling or redness in the gums

Pulpotomy vs. Root Canal

A pulpotomy is also referred to as a baby root canal as it is very similar to a root canal that is done on a baby tooth but there are some major differences. A root canal is also known as a pulpectomy. In this procedure, all the pulp from the baby’s tooth, including the roots, is removed and then replaced with a rubber-like material. Afterward, a crown is often placed over the protected tooth to restore and protect it.

On the other hand, in a pulpotomy, most of the natural pulp is preserved to keep the tooth alive. This is important for baby teeth as the tooth roots are not mature yet. Keeping the tooth alive lets the roots continue to grow and mature to ensure the adult teeth erupt properly.

Pain-Free Procedure

At LuxDen Kids, we prioritize your child's comfort. The dentist numbs the mouth, and sedation dentistry is available if needed. Any post-procedure soreness is minimal compared to the relief from toothache.

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