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Children with special healthcare needs might be at a higher risk of severe dental problems. Combined with anxiety or behavioral concerns, treatment becomes more difficult without specialized knowledge. At LuxDen Kids, our pediatric dental specialists Brooklyn are trained in treating children and teens with special needs.

We welcome young patients with special needs and provide exceptional care to offer a positive experience for them and their caregivers. Our goal is to give these patients the attention and time they need in a warm and comfortable environment to ensure they get the best, least anxiety dental experience.

We deliver the highest standard of dental care, keeping in mind the precise nature of the children we see.

Superior quality oral care with compassion

We understand that as a parent, you strive to keep your child happy and healthy. Our special needs pediatric dentists have specialized training in the care of special needs children and help them feel better with top quality care. We focus on your special needs child, understand his or her unique condition and give them the gentle, respectful treatment they deserve.

Oral health is a very important thing to learn early on for lifelong healthy habits. We are committed to providing a comprehensive dental treatment for special needs kids of all ages, using the most technologically advanced, time tested dental care to address their dental issues and deliver the best results.

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Our special needs pediatric dentists meet with you and your child and make sure you understand good oral routine and help your child adopt them. They create individual treatment plans for your child that deliver safe, compassionate care, with least anxiety possible in warm and understanding settings.

Whether you are looking for a teeth cleaning procedure or want to find out more about orthodontic treatment for your special child, our dentists are there to answer every question.

We want your child to smile better & more!

What is special needs dentistry?

Special needs pediatric dentistry provides complete oral care for children with specific physical, sensory, mental, developmental, or cognitive forms of impairment. It helps dentists offer a calm, relaxing environment that reduces fear and anxiety, to ensure special needs children go through the treatment or procedure without facing problems.

Do children with special needs have unique dental requirements?

Yes. Most children with physical, cognitive, or developmental impairments struggle to care for their teeth and gums. Certain medical conditions can make it challenging for them to perform routine activities like brushing and flossing, increasing their risk of developing cavities, gum diseases and other dental problems.

At the same time, these children take medications that increase the risk of stains or enamel damage. Scheduling routine visits can help to keep your child’s teeth and smile healthy.

How can you help my special needs child?

Whether your child’s condition is genetic, developmental, or the result of disease or trauma, we provide guidance and treatment keeping in mind their dental needs. Our dental team has specialized knowledge and skills acquired by additional training as well as increased attention and awareness to deliver safe, ideal dental health care.

What types of treatment does special needs dentistry offer?

At LuxDen Kids, our pediatric dental team offers a variety of special needs dentistry services including:

  • Comprehensive dental examination to assess your child’s teeth and gum health
  • Teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath
  • Fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel, and reduce risk of cavities and decay
  • Sealant application in case your child is not able to brush and floss regularly to prevent harmful bacteria from damaging the enamel, and preventing cavities
  • Sedation dentistry to ease your child’s anxiety and fear of the dental treatment

Our dentist for special needs works hard to create a safe and comfortable place where you can achieve ideal dental health for your child.

Is sedation dentistry safe for my special needs child?

Before administering any form of sedation, we carefully assess the unique needs of your child and discuss the best options. Our dentists use the most advanced and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure the highest level of safety and comfort. Your child’s wellbeing and your peace of mind are our top priority. We work hard to offer the most stress-free dental experience to our special needs patients and their parents.

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